Delaware’s budget plans

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May 29, 2018

Delaware’s budget plans

After a grim budget year that saw cuts to a number of programs, Delaware has a good problem this year: The state anticipates much more revenue coming in as it puts together the budget for the next fiscal year.

Here’s a quick look at some of Delaware’s plans to spend your tax dollars.

1. Anticipated revenue is way up, but it’s not a sure thing

The Delaware Economic and Financial Advisory Council predicted a revenue increase of $64 million back in December. By January, when Gov. John Carney put together his $4.25 billion budget proposal, the state was expecting to have an extra $170 million (including unspent funds from the previous budget). By May, expected revenue had increased another $180 million. So all told, instead of $170 million extra, there is an expected $430 million more to spend than in the last budget. The final projections will come in June.

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